Our focus is our brewery, so we do not offer a food menu BUT we 100% encourage our guests to bring their own food in with them from local restaurants or even from home! Many of the great restaurants in Maple Creek even offer delivery services.

13 Pacific Ave
Maple Creek, SK]


Pet friendly if well behaved and kept on their leash.

Fun fact: We sell Cypress Hills wine by the flight, glass or bottle to go.

Hours of operation

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 11am-8pm
Wednesday: 11am-8pm
Thursday: 11am-8pm
Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday: 11am-10pm

Most long weekend hours
Friday-sat 11am-10pm
Sunday-Monday 11-6pm

Check google for  holiday hours and social media for specialty hours/closures

Minors allowed when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Czech Pilsner 5.0% abv. this beer uses traditional Saaz hops to build flavor and aroma to make this style unique and delicious. Prairie grown malts play a big role in the body as well as gives it the light biscuity and delicate cracker flavor. We can serve this beer in three traditional styles of pours. These are achieved with a genuine Lukr side pull faucet from Czechoslovakia.


MLIKO- milk pour (full foam, meant to be drank quickly and as a refresher. This style of pour has a slightly sweet, creamy mouth feel)

HLADINKA- smooth pour (half dense foam and half clear beer, pouring the foam first and the beer underneath gives it protection from the oxidation of the air and you get a nice mux of dense foam and the clean bitterness of the beer.

NADVAKRAT- crisp pour (this is the most like an American pour with a small layer of foam at the top of your mug)

Berliner Weisse (Mainstay Beer)
4.0%abv. German style kettle soured wheat beer. Tart, crisp and refreshing. Traditionally served with fruit juice on the side. We also serve it with the traditional German woodruff syrup.

Rauchbier *Silver winner at Canadian Brewing Awards 2021 
5.7%abv. German beechwood smoked malt creates a smokey flavor that is approachable for first timers and Smokey enough for the experience.

Blonde Ale (Mainstay Beer)
5.0% abv. A straight forward approachable beer brewed with the average beer drinker in mind.

West Coast IPA 6.3%abv. Tropical and citrus fruit flavors from the dry hops with a solid bitterness.

Oatmeal Stout 4.7%abv. Black as midnight but not as dry and burnt as some stouts can be. Roasty and complex.

Red Ale 4.5%abv. 2023 Prairie Beer Awards – Silver winner. Light caramel and toffee bites. Finishes with a crisp bitterness that refreshes your palette for your next sip.

New England IPA 5.2%abv. Complex hop blend lends juicy fruits and mandarins orange to the flavor profile.

Hefeweizwen 4.8%abv. Traditional German wheat beer. The flavor profile is forward with the spicy notes of clove and pepper, lighter notes of banana are also in the mix.

Roggenbier 5.6%abv. 2023 Prairie Beer Awards – Gold and Bronze  winner in two different categories. Traditional Southern German Rye beer. All the grains are organic and floor malted from Hogarth Malt.

English Dark Mild 3.7%abv. 2023 Prairie Beer Awards – Bronze winner. Once a staple beer in many British pubs. This brew carries a flavorful mix of dark roasted malt which lends to the coffee, chocolate and dark fruits flavors. Light on the palette and low alcohol.

Golden Honey Strong Ale 7.1%abv. This higher alcohol beer is smooth and delicious. Made with Cypress hills honey.

Rye Pale Ale 5.0%abv. A twist on the classic American Pale Ale. Light and crisp, this beer is perfect for the summer on the patio.

Oatmeal Stout 4.7%abv. Yes! There absolutely is oatmeal in this brew…because its not just for breakfast. Black as midnight, but not dry and burnt like some stouts can be. Roasty and complex.

*We like to rotate different beers throughout the year therefor not all the beers on the website are available all the time. Check our social media for our new additions.

*Our single keg batches are not available for growler/howler/crowler fills


New Growler(64oz) plus fill$24.00
Growler refill
New howler(32oz) plus fill$17.00
Howler refill$11.00
Single use Crowler(32oz)and fill
Beer flight (5x4oz)$10.00
Wine flight (4x1oz)$5.00
Wine glass (5oz)$6.00
Crossmount ciders (multiple flavours available)

Partake non alcoholic beer $5.00